Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hi everyone. I'm well into my second week of having a cold. And I'm so sick of being sick by now.

There are two commercials on TV right now. The first one--which I cannot remember the company it's for--starts off by saying stuff like, "If you think a runny nose, sinus pressure, sore throat, etc., is going to stop me, you're wrong." It shows this really athletic woman who looks like she was filmed for an Olympic promotional video, and in no way shape or form is dealing with a cold. I usually fantasize kicking that woman in the head and yelling, "Well, THAT'll stop ya!" The other commercial is great. It shows this poor lady waking to her blood curdling buzzing alarm (why people don't use the radio function to wake up is beyond me). She looks like she feels awful and has struggled to sleep through her sickness all night long. During the rest of the commercial, she struggles to pick out an outfit for work, and it looks kinda like no matter what she does with her hair and makeup, she can't get past feeling like crap. It ends with a voiceover saying, "Take a Benelyn day" and shows her reading in bed looking like the weight of the world came off her shoulders just by giving herself the freedom to call in sick.

Guess which commercial epitomizes me when I'm sick? Usually I don't feel these complete extremes. I'll usually tough it out through a cold and keep on keeping on. This, however, was when I didn't have to check in with the world about what I put in my body. I've quickly learned in the past 2 weeks that I will apparently "pass 'Go' and go straight to the 9th level of Hell" if I take any type of medication to help myself feel a little better. And don't get me wrong--it's not like as soon as I find something I can take, I'm going to go wide-eyed, laugh maniacally, and shove handfuls of pills down my throat, raising my fist to the sky. I've been doing a LOT of reading and researching to find out what is ok and what isn't. And I'm not talking about comments on random websites from people who are like, "One time I ate ketchup and my baby was born with a third arm because of the red food colouring in it! So don't eat ANYTHING red!"

Last week, I started to feel way worse and I thought, well, maybe instead of waiting at the urgent care clinic on a Sunday where I'm going to wait for 7 hours to get a doctor to tell me about the sinus infection I already knew I had, perhaps I could get something to help relieve some pressure, etc. I read through all my books and the "bible" of pregnancy books (What to Expect When You're Expecting, 2008) explained that pharmaceuticals are given letters to indicate their safety ratings. They listed only a few things that apparently I could take without risking social services investigating me. So, I head to a pharmacy and am carefully reading through all the packaging, etc., weighing my options, when a pharmacist quickly chastised me for even considering it and instead recommended setting up a tent and sleeping bag at the urgent care clinic. All righty. So, 4 hours in the clinic and 1 week of amoxycilin it was. Sinus infection dealt with. Then, my ear started hurting. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled anyway, and the answer for this was a nasal spray I can use only once a day....which only helps for an hour...and then I'm back to feeling like crap. Last night, I literally could not breathe through either nostril and kept waking up literally gasping for air (is that what sleep apnea feels like?!), only to wake up this morning and find that the cold has completely moved to my chest now and I'm trying not to cough too hard to prevent throwing up.

If there is ANYONE out there who has a remedy that won't result in me being dragged to the street and publicly flogged, I'd LOVE to hear it. I'm desperate. Right now, I'm resting as much as possible, taking hot showers to help loosen all the junk up, have a humidifier with Vick's Vapo Steam going 24 hours a day, and drink lots of water, juice, and tea.

I have to get better eventually....right?


  1. I think you need a spa day, manicure, pedicure, massage, that would make you feel better. I have the "crud" too, at least I can take meds.
    Feel better, OK?

  2. Thanks Andrea! I'd LOVE to take that prescription!