Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pregnancy Surprises

So, last week I went travelling with Brynn and had all these wonderful plans to write lots of blog entries and catch up on emails, etc. But, then I got a bad cold which turned into a double sinus infection, and ended up sleeping through most of the days in our hotel room in Saskatoon. I ended up going on antibiotics and my head still feels somewhat like a vice is clamping on my sinuses when I get up too fast, go downstairs, or bend over to pick something up (which is just getting harder in general due to my ever-expanding belly!). But now that it's just a vice on my sinuses instead of a dull serated edge hammering away, I think I can concentrate enough to write something.

This was my first time since my first month of pregnancy that I've been sick (which must be a record for me since I usually have to take at least one sick day every month), and it surprised me how much I enjoy medications. Just a simple decongestant or Tylenol are suddenly the next best thing to sliced bread, chocolate, or oxygen now that I'm not supposed to be using them. I try to console myself by thinking of this all as a big "restart" button for my body.

This line of thinking led me to think about other things that have been surprising so far while I've been pregnant for the first time.

--How sensitive my gag reflux has become. It is amazing how little it now takes to make me lose my meal! I'll just be sitting there, totally not feeling sick, when I suddenly feel a need to cough, and, all of a sudden--BAM--up everything comes. For example (because I know you all want to imagine this in even more detail), one time last month, I was literally pulling into a client's driveway for an appointment when this very thing happened. And I actually started to debate whether to wipe up and do the session anyway! But I didn't. I called and cancelled, drove the whole way home with the windows down (taking back roads so I wouldn't have to stop at all!), and washed my entire outfit.
--How itchy I am. I know it says in all the pregnancy literature I've got about how itchy women are supposed to get during pregnancy, but I seriously feel like a grooming monkey sometimes with how much I'm scratching at myself! And yes, I do put lotion on. I still itch.
--How getting dressed requires so much thought now. I now feel like MacGuyver when I'm putting on clothes. I've decided there is really no point to buying an entirely new wardrobe since my body changes each week. Instead, I rig my pants with rubber bands to help the waistband stretch, cover those with a bella band to ensure they don't totally unzip during the day, and then layer my tops based on how bloated I feel, how much heat I'm radiating, and how much my nipples are protuding.
--How often my brain seems to choke on itself. Last week, I realized during several conversations with Brynn that I could not remember if I thought something with my inside voice or my outside voice. As in, Gee Brynn, it's busy here--have I said this already?
--How little people have touched me or given me unsolicited advice and unwelcome comments. I was fully expecting to be groped and manhandled by intrusive strangers and have been (not so secretly) planning responses to tactless comments. However, other than friends and family, no one has tried touching me yet, and there hasn't been a comment that has made me flinch. Maybe I do look too crazy to approach in this way! Hooray, my David technique has been working! (see my post from Dec . 23, 08 "People and Pregnancy").
--How absolutely amazing it is to feel Baby move! In almost every book and online info I've read, everyone seems to experience and describe a baby's movements differently. I must admit, I was seriously prepared to constantly mistake movement for flatulence and vice-versa. And I'm now proud to say, I can totally tell the difference :-) Every time Baby moves, it is incredible (every time I fart, on the other hand....pregnancy gas is deadly)! I'm still waiting for the day that Brynn will be able to feel it through my stomach (Baby either stops or kicks too softly for Brynn to be able to feel this yet), but for now I'm enjoying the sensations like a secret that only Baby and I have. Each kick and movement makes it seem like that much more of a reality. It is no wonder to me now that the bond between a mother and her children is so intense.

One more trimester to go! And another three months or so of pregnancy-related experiences. Stay tuned!


  1. Tiff - invest in mat pants...I know - it's unsolicited advice, but let me tell you, every woman I know who tries on a pair goes "why the heck wasn't I don't this sooner, these are wonderful". Rather than me feeling fat in normal pants (which go wider on the legs AND the belly) I felt slimmer in the legs, and still had the belly support I needed. AND after the baby you'll be wearing them anyway. I didn't buy many - I think I had three pairs, but they were WONDERFUL!!

    I love that you blog about pregnancy flatulance. And puking - I remember the day when I puked at school in the student bathroom, and then went back to class and dismissed them early. Told them to be quiet in the halls, but I couldn't handle teaching anymore. Blah.

    YOU CAN DO IT! Can't wait to meet baby T&B!

  2. Hi Deb! I've actually been trying to find mat pants, but can't find any that fit ANYWHERE. Sigh. So, I'm resigned to sweats and regular jeans jerry-rigged with rubber bands.
    You're awesome, Deb! Love you!