Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Med's and Baby

So, I went to the doctor's on Monday and explained to them how I've been feeling this last month. I'm always thankful when doctors handle these things tactfully but ask smart and pointed questions (how are things financially, do I have a self-care plan, etc.). I also get the impression that because of my experience in the counseling field, they understand that I understand what's going on with the medications and treatment plans. As soon as I finished describing my symptoms and that I've been on the same dosage of med's for the last 5 years with no adjustments, she immediately said, "Oh, we should double that!" So, now it will take 1-2 weeks to see how I start feeling--and hopefully I'll start sleeping better, too.

I've been asked by LOTS of people if these med's are dangerous to the baby. I'll assure you that long before Brynn and I got pregnant--in fact, even before we got married and started trying--I had a long discussion with my doctor at the time (who was absolutely fantastic but then moved away....booooo!), and she gave me several articles and lots of research information that basically says that the stress, anxiety, depression, etc., that I could experience from being off the med's could cause way more problems to the baby than being on the med's. Additionally, there has been no indication that these med's increase the risk for any birth defects or developmental issues. I've always tried to be an educated consumer of these things, and have always encouraged any clients I've worked with to do the same--check out the manufacturer's website, get information from your doctor, etc. Just like diabetics who need insulin to keep their pancreas working correctly, people like me need these med's to keep my brain chemistry working correctly. And in either case, I think you need to know what you're putting in your body and how it's supposed to be working.

On to a different note, we've got our next ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow afternoon--thanks so much, Karen, for helping us get the appointment!!!--and it's going to be one of those new-fangled 3-D images. Brynn's got another appointment already scheduled for the afternoon, so we're hoping he can at least see part of it before he has to go. And since I'm about 22 weeks along, we should be able to get a clear image and see whether Baby is a boy or girl. I think it will be nice to not call Baby "it" anymore. Plus, we can hopefully start narrowing down our possible names list. Our goals in picking a name are probably similar to most other people who face the humbling task of picking a life-long name for a new human--something that is somewhat unique, but not different enough that the kid is going to get beat up for it (google celebrity kids' names!), and something that won't spell weird stuff in the initials (like DOG or know). Of course, there's many more things to consider in this undertaking, like how the names sound together and if it's spelled freakishly different so that teachers will never know how to pronounce the poor kid's name and the kid gets mail addressed to him or her in the opposite gender because people have no clue what their name is.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Until next time...

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