Monday, January 12, 2009

Things I Wish We Could Get....

Even though I've lived up here for over ten years now (man, that went by fast!!!), I still catch myself mentioning products and other things that are found only in the States. This happened today to me, in fact, and that got me thinking about all the products, restaurants, etc., etc., that I totally wish we could get up here! Here's my very partial list, which I may add to randomly as things continue to come to me.

1. Target. This absolutely had to be first on my list. I miss this store so much. Every time I go down to the States to visit family/friends, this is one of my top "must-do's" while I'm there. I think my family still thinks I'm a little off-kilter when I spend at least an hour wandering around the store and looking at EVERYTHING.
2. Hostess products. K, so I know we get some of these things up here (e.g., Twinkies), but we miss out on so many other great products! I mean, of all the Hostess products to have up here, Twinkies are the poo of the Hostess world. Ho-Ho's, Ding Dongs, and Hostess cupcakes are just a few examples of what I really miss. In fact, today I was massively craving some of these things. Sigh.
3. Captain Crunchberries. Regular Cap't Crunch just doesn't cut it. I was down in the States in March and picked up 4 boxes, which I have been rationing so carefully, that I still have about a half box left.
4. Cherry Coke. I will never understand why this product is not sold up here. I would gladly take the job of hand sticking the French labels on the cans and bottles if Coke would kindly consider allowing Canada access to Cherry Coke. Please!!??!!
5. Carl's Jr, Jack-in-the-Box, Sonic, and all those other burger/fast food places that we have to watch commercials for without having the satisfaction of eating at. OK, here's my opinion: if Canadian networks take all the fun out of Superbowl viewing by not letting us watch the awesome commercials, can't they do the same thing for these commercials? I mean, it's like torture to have to sit there looking at all these amazing looking burgers and fast-food products that we can't get!!! I swear, Brynn and I make a list of places we're going to eat at during our trips to the States.
6. American Super Bowl commercials. Honestly. For the love of all that's holy. WHY. CAN'T. WE. SEE. THE. COMMERCIALS!?!?!?!?!?!?!
7. Really good Mexican food. (Perhaps I should have just moved temporarily to the States during my pregnancy. Writing about these things just makes me want them even worse!) If there is anyone out there in Calgary who knows (and I do mean knows) good Mexican food, please, please, PLEASE...I need to know this information. Because I'm getting desperate. And I'm not talking the "tex-mex" stuff. I mean, authentic, I'm not sure I know how to pronounce this item on the menu, honest-to-goodness Mexican food.

What about you? Anything you wish we had up here? Your turn!

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  1. Mexican restaruants...have you ever been to Salt & Pepper Mexican restaurant on Macleod Trail? It's soo their chorizo burrito. Yum!
    As for Cherry Coke, they used to sell it here back in the day-along with Cherry 7-Up,TAB and Tahiti Treat
    P.S. I'm with you about the commercials!