Monday, December 29, 2008

You Cannot Squelch My Mythbusters Enthusiasm!

Brynn and I just got back tonight from spending Christmas with his family. I decided to catch up on my emails and blog reading and have had Mythbusters on in the background. What an awesome show! We've been watching this show for a few years now and it does not cease to fascinate me (ok, now a commercial for Jamaica just came on and is so incredibly distracting. It's snowing hard outside, and I'm totally daydreaming about our honeymoon there and wanting to go back.....sigh.....).

ANYWAY, I think that show would be so cool to work on! I oftentimes think, "Hmm....I wonder if that is true" or "Could that really happen that way?". For example, we watched Wanted a couple weeks ago with some friends, and afterwards had the most fascinating conversation about whether it is possible to curve a bullet and what factors would have to be considered to have two bullets collide mid-air. So, I thought, SWEET! I'm TOTALLY writing Mythbusters about this. I know I'm not the most original of thinkers, but I was at least slightly disappointed with the HUGE number of posts already on Mythbusters website discussing these very issues. I think I'm always kinda hoping I'm some sort of a novelty :-) But the thing that disappointed me THE MOST was the arrogant, smug, know-it-all people who reply to some of these questions with comments like: "They ALREADY answered that question. Please don't post any more of these questions. It was covered in Season 26, episode 132.6." Sheesh. Way to take the fun out of learning! For those of us who don't have all the time in the world to stay glued to our tv sets or TiVo every gosh-darn episode out there, please be a little more gentle and understanding.

This actually just reminded me of an experience I had at a leadership retreat once. I think I'll continue this in another post later :-) Stay tuned!


  1. I hear you. I love Mythbusters, but haven't been lucky enough to see ALL of the episodes yet. I've met some LOVELY people through the MB forums but there is a small minority that just delight in shooting people down. Ugh!

  2. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that finds that irritating! Thanks for the comment, Kath!