Saturday, December 20, 2008

More about Baby and My Thoughts on the Weather (don't get too excited!)

I can't figure out at this point how to post more than one picture, so the one on the left is what we thought was the best of the 20 on the CD I got to take home. It is so amazing to see all the little fingers and the feet, and in one picture the tech zoomed in on the heart and I got to watch it beat away for a few minutes. I'm not sure how to explain what it felt like to see that for the first time. I surprisingly didn't feel any tears--I think it was almost unreal to me. It was kind of like, yeah, yeah, there's this blobby baby on the tv on the wall, but was struggling to make the connection that that is in me. I know it will continue to sink in up until I'm actually holding our baby after delivery, and Brynn's said he feels the same way--and that totally makes sense since he's not physically experiencing what I am right now. I hope June comes fast!

To completely switch subjects, I'm hoping to take some pictures of our house and what it looks like right now in Calgary. I remember growing up in Southern Oregon, when it would snow like an inch and things would practically shut down. Now, I'm living here where we've had -20 C (for my American friends and family, 0 C is freezing and Celcius and Farenheit match at -40) for almost two weeks now, I think (it's starting to feel like it's been this way forever) and with the exception of the high-volume routes, roads are completely covered with probably about a foot of packed snow and ice. And yet, school still happens, everyone goes to work, and life continues pretty much the same. I've become pretty accustomed to driving in the snow and ice by now. It kinda makes me smile now when I hear reports from the US West Coast that chains are required to drive through this area, or school is closed in this city, etc. I'm certainly not saying anything to the effect of "We're superior at handling winter in Canada!" I just think it's amazing how relative everything becomes. I never would have been able to handle winters here ten years ago, but now that I'm acclimatized, it's not that big of a deal anymore.

Well, that's it for me for today. Tonight, Brynn and I are heading to a friend's fancy-schmancy Christmas soiree at some fancy hotel downtown. I think I'm going to get Brynn to take a picture of me and my belly while I'm not in my preferred outfit of sweats and a baggy shirt. I'm hoping someone out there can reassure me that I'm not a freak because I'm already showing so much at 15 weeks!


  1. Hey lady- I just found your blog site- I see you've got me listed. I'll link you. Yay! I'm happy to read of your life. Peace.

  2. Tiff - DEB here - I was wearing maternity pants before the first trimester was over (my belly HATED having anything tight around it)and had lots of comments about everything!! Some women glow and LOVE being pregnant - the rest of us deal, because at the end we have a crying hungry baby.
    How did we survive - SUPER LOW EXPECTATIONS! Both of the pregnancy and the baby. Than anything above TOTALLY SUCKING was a good day!
    I just found your blog - good to see you! I think you look FABULOUS! Yay pregnancy!