Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's see how this goes...

So, I'm starting to realize that I have a not great "quirk" where I get super enthusiastic about something for awhile and then when something else catches my attention, I move on to that and leave the first behind in the dust. I'm hopeful that this won't be the case with this blog. I wasn't even sure I wanted to start a blog because that seems to be the thing right now, and I wish I was more of a trendsetter than a follower....but a few things convinced me that I should at least try this. First of all, since Brynn and I are expecting our first, there's so much that I am experiencing that would be nice to vent about and/or hear from others that I'm not the only one. Additionally, both of our parents are not close by, so I thought this might provide a nice way of being able to post cute (and maybe not so cute) stories and pictures later on that our moms can access. Second, I have a lot of soapboxes. I'm finding that more and more things are really getting to be "hot buttons" for me and this could be a way that I can sort through those thoughts and perhaps hone my ability to write about them. For example, last night, Brynn and I watched an amazing documentary and I found afterwards that I was almost bursting at the seams with what was going on in my head. So, again, this might be a helpful outlet for stuff like that. Finally, I've really enjoyed following the blogs of my friends and feeling like I can still be a part of their lives even though I'm so far away from most of them. And I'm hopeful that this may be the same for anyone else who decides to read this.

So, here goes. Thanks for joining me on this new endeavor!

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  1. Hey friend- I believe in you! I'll follow your blog, if that's any inspiration (yeah... maybe not). I love reading blogs, especially of people I know so I'm not a weird-o stalker...